Health Insurance

We care about your health. That’s why we started a partnership with health insurer ONVZ, so we are able to offer you an excellent collective health insurance. On top of that, we also offer you an attractive discount on the additional insurances for clients of Hoogenraad Insurances.


Why did we partner up with ONVZ?
ONVZ is the Netherlands’ first health insurer with a fully English language online platform. Besides the website, policy terms and conditions and Service Centre, also MijnONVZ (MyONVZ) is now available in English. The MijnONVZ personal online environment lets you manage online all aspects of your health care plan, such as effortlessly submitting claims, viewing your remaining payable excess amount or health care card and European Health Insurance Card, or changing your personal details.
  • ONVZ offers exclusively reimbursement insurance, which means that when insured with ONVZ you can choose your own doctor and hospital. Therefore, ONVZ has been scoring very well in trust research among insured persons for years.
  • ONVZ offers you a wide ranging choice in additional insurances, so you can choose the insurance that fits you best. For some (very extensive) additional insurances they ask some health questions however.
  • Abroad, health care can be more expensive than in the Netherlands. This is why ONVZ has developed a new health care plan: Wereldfit. A supplementary health care plan for all medical expenses incurred abroad business trips and holidays. Besides covering the costs of urgent medical assistance, Wereldfit also covers additional accommodation and transportation costs.
To apply for a health insurance at ONVZ, please click here
When you need help or have questions about ONVZ health insurance, you can contact the ONVZ Service Center. Telephone number 0031 (0)30 639 62 22. They will be happy to help you.