Expats in NL

You are going to live and work in The Netherlands for a while. A new environment, new people and new experiences.

But also a new language, which will not always be clear to you. And new laws, new regulations and undoubtedly plenty of other surprises. We are well aware that we cannot assist in most of these new experiences. What we are able to offer you is a smooth transition when it comes to insurances.

Just like at home, you will need good insurance to protect you against financial risks. For example the risk that your valuable belongings get damaged in a fire or are stolen while you are travelling. Not to mention your personal liability. And what if you urgently need to travel back home because a close relative is seriously ill? Your insurances back home will most likely not cover your stay abroad

Fortunately, there is a complete solution available, especially developed for people like you: the Expat Policy for Foreign Professionals in The Netherlands. It offers you precisely the security that you need, because you can compose your own policy – choosing from five different insurances (with a minimum of two). 

Of course all information is in clear English.

Do you have questions or wish to receive more information of us? Please let us know!