Our team

Sander started his career in 1999 at the insurance company Nationale-Nederlanden in The Hague. Sander was responsible for business insurances, in particular liability and construction products. In 2002 Sander made the step into self-employment as an independent insurance advisor. In the meantime Sander has acquired sound experience in advising companies and private clients on risk management issues and is a qualified risk adviser form the academy Avans. More recently Sander has been specializing in advising expats and English speaking organizations on their insurance needs. In his spare time Sander likes to send time doing nice things with his family or you can find him on the sideline of a football pitch encouraging one of his three sons whilst they play a match or train.

  • Margchelina Buijs
  • Manager / insurance consultant
  • margchelina@hoogenraadvanloon.com

Margchelina started at the age of 13 in the claims department of insurance company Nationale-Nederlanden (where her father worked) with the settlement of simple claims. After a detour into the legal profession, she eventually returned to the insurance world in 2016 as claims handler at Van Ameyde. In 2019, Margchelina made he transition tot the insurance advisor profession. She firts advised self-employed persons and owners' associations. Small and medium-sized enterprises added later. Margchelina specializes in disability insurance. In addition to her work as an all-round insurance consultant, she studies psychology at the university and wants to specialize in occupational psychology. In her spare time she likes to relax with a book or like to prepare delicious meals. 


  • Nima Allameh-Zadeh
  • Insurance consultant
  • nima@hoogenraadvanloon.com
Nima has been in the financial services industry for more than 20 years. After 15 years in the asset management field, Nima made the switch to insurance consulting in 2016. Nima stand out as an advisor who just do about almost anything to be at clients service.  After working hours Nima enjoys watching a serie or movie.